The Wake County Asthma Coalition works to increase public awareness of asthma and to improve conditions related to asthma health, says Lisa Feierstein, founder of Active Healthcare, Inc. in Raleigh and a member of the coalition’s leadership team.

North Carolina ranks 11th nationally with the number of children with asthma,” she says. “There is a real need here for education on the various services that are available.
“We are eager to reach as many children and families as we can in North Carolina with information about asthma,” says Gabrielle Steele, manager of mission services for the American Lung Association in North Carolina. The association offers special programs for children and adults in North Carolina such as the Open Airways for Schools (OAS) for children with asthma in grades 3-6 and Asthma 101 for adults. – See more at: Does Your Child Have Asthma

To increase public awareness of asthma, its prevalence, and related health issues in Wake County
To provide education about asthma and related health issues, and
To support and empower the citizens of Wake County in identifying measures for change to improve conditions related to asthma health in local communities throughout Wake County, as needed.